A Day at RMB Chivenor

May 1, 2015

Spitfire Girl Jackie Moggridge Book

Despite the bumps and bruises, 13 members of Wellington WI had a great day at Royal Marine Base Chivenor completing various activities and the Commando assault course. Members, wearing Commando fatigues, were encouraged by Cpl’s Gallagher and Jones to take part in a rigorous warm up session including team games, stretcher bearing, tug of war and tyre tossing!! Following a demonstration by Cpl Jones the ladies were then supported, encouraged and assisted over the assault course. This consisted of climbing over a 6’ and 5’ wall, crawling under the cargo net, crossing the monkey bars over water (in which most of us fell off and our first taste of getting wet!), climbing over 2 and 3 bar gates (which were no ordinary gates) and crawling through the tunnels.

The WI’s reputation for cake making went before them, as members had to get cake ingredients, including two eggs, over, under and through the course, in teams and against each other for the second round of the assault course. Having completed all of this, there was one more treat in store – to swim across the ‘tank’ and out the other side – ensuring that anyone who was dry, now no longer was! After hot showers and a lunch provided by the base, the ladies were then treated to a talk and guided tour of the Air Sea rescue helicopter at 22 Squadron. This was a very informative and enjoyable tour and we were grateful to the RAF, as the team had only just come back from attending an incident.

A great day, with all having smiles and laughter every step of the way. A big thank you to the personnel and staff at RMB Chivenor.

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