It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas …

Nov 25, 2015

Keeping Healthy This Winter

… at the Beambridge Inn when the Wellington Floristas showed us some easy and very striking ways to make floral arrangements in containers such as wine glasses and fruit bowls which we probably already have. We were all impressed by how a coffee jar lid balanced on a candlestick (but held in place with some blutak or plasticine) makes a very serviceable flower holder, and by the range of specialised builders’ tools which come in handy when flower arranging!

As well as learning to put greenery in before the flowers when creating a display, we were also given useful tips to ensure that our floral displays will last, such as making a pinhole through the necks of droopy tulips to break the air bubbles which prevent water reaching the flower heads, and that a pinch of bicarb in the water will keep all flowers perkier for longer in a vase.

All members then thoroughly enjoyed making a Christmas decoration from a spray of spruce which they decorated with pine cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and dried seed heads, held in place by raffia. Everyone was very pleased with the results, and doors around Wellington and further afield will be well-dressed this Christmas.

Our next event is a carol service at St John’s Church in Wellington on 2 December, when we look forward to welcoming WI members from neighbouring areas to join us in celebration. Later that week we will have our Christmas meal at the Beambridge.

Our next meeting, on 17 December, will be at the Wellington Baptist Church, 7.00 for 7.30. New members are always welcome to join us.

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