Keeping Healthy This Winter

Jan 28, 2016

Keeping Healthy This Winter

Laura Carpenter, a Medical Herbalist with a practice in Wellington, talked to us about ways to keep healthy in winter. Members were immediately encouraged to take up making their own herbal remedies when she explained that tinctures, which are medicines made by dissolving ingredients in alcohol, are an important feature in herbal medicine. We learned about the medicinal uses of a wide range of herbs and vegetables which might easily be found in many kitchens – onions, garlic and ginger, (though unfortunately, these are most effective when eaten raw!) thyme, mushrooms, fenugreek and feverfew, elderberries and sloes.

Laura also runs herb walks and workshops, and may well find several WI members going along to these.

The various interest groups reported on their activities. The supper club is gearing up for a Burns Night supper, the two recent ‘learn to crochet’ workshops had been well-attended, and the outdoor group was looking forward to another attempt at the Lympstone Marines assault course later in the year.

At the next meeting, on 18 February at the Beambridge Inn, the speaker will be local crime writer Chris Ewan. New members and guests will be welcome, please arrive between 7.00 and 7.30pm.

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